Ambulance/Stretcher & Wheelchair Transportation

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Established May 1999

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We believe it takes more than compassion, pride and respect to provide a service that our customers will remember. We take those attributes along with "caring" and "dedication" to make Tri-Star Medical Transport your first choice of service.

Better known as "Tri-Star", it's founder and President, Laura Kuhr has worked hard to establish
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Tri-Star as a leading competitor in providing Basic Life Support ambulance and wheelchair accessible transport.

Tri-Star Medical Transport, Inc. prides itself in maintaining professional care and service for the patients it transports. The company continues to seek better ways of improvement to better serve it's clients and increase it's presence.

Tri-Star Medical Transport, Inc. is Your Choice of Service, call us, we'll show you.

2820 Trawick Road
Raleigh, North Carolina 27604
Ph: 919-878-1661 Fax: 919-878-0415

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